Bugatti: Chiron special edition on its 110th anniversary

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Few cars on the planet are as exclusive at the Bugatti Chiron. The multi-million-dollar price tag is part of it, but there’s also the simple fact that so few are made.

The French automaker, currently owned by Volkswagen, was founded 110 years ago by Ettore Bugatti. To celebrate both the company’s anniversary and its French heritage, Bugatti revealed a limited-edition version of last year’s Chiron Sport, a more capable version of the Veyron’s successor.

The Chiron Sport simply refined an already bonkers model, cutting weight thanks to lightweight wheels, thinner glass and even more carbon fiber. The suspension and steering were re-tuned, too, though the 1.479-horsepower quad-turbocharged W16 engine was left untouched.

The 110 ans Bugatti doesn’t add any more performance, though it doesn’t really need it anyway. For those discerning customers that want a Bugatti that corners, look no further than the Divo.

Car details

The body and the front end are made from carbon fibre and the Bugatti line and the typical Bugatti radiator from aluminium. The matte Steel Blue paintwork at the rear of the car, produced in a complex process, has a sheen like hot-rolled steel.

The typical Bugatti line, the dominant ‘C’ surrounding the passenger compartment, is also painted Steel Blue. The front end consists of exposed carbon fibre in Steel Blue Carbon, once again a matte colour suggestive of steel. The two-tone colour scheme is reminiscent of historic models: in the 1920s.

Behind the alloy wheels painted in ‘Nocturne’ matt black, the bright blue brake calipers are visible. The aluminium filler cap is sandblasted and hand-polished. The rear end is dominated by the diffuser and bumper in glossy steel blue carbon with the contrasting matte black exhaust system. The underside of the rear spoiler boasts the French flag over its entire width.

What about the interior?

 The interior is upholstered in soft Deep Blue leather. The door trims, sides and seat areas of the sports seats are covered in Alcantara. Bright French Racing Blue elements on the contours of the seats, stowage compartments, belt trims and the leather of the window buttons provide a sporting contrast.