The King of NASCAR and autographs: Richard Petty

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NASCAR has given racing world many legends but none like “The King” Richard Petty. Known to many simply as “The King,” NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty is the most decorated driver in the history of NASCAR.

Petty is NASCAR’s winningest driver and is considered as the most talented. He’s still the most influential driver in the sport’s history, for his mainstream appeal and his touch with the fans.

Richard Petty with his stock car, No. 43 made innumerable records. Among the Petty records set in a 34-year illustrious career are two that almost certainly will stand the test of time – and both were recorded 50 years ago, in the 1967 NASCAR season. Petty won an astonishing 27 races (of 48 total run) and, more remarkably, won 10 in a row.

The King of records took 200 checkered flags (a record); seven Daytona 500s (a record); 10 consecutive races and 27 in a season (both records). With his shades on, cowboy hat, and trademark moustache, he led an image of a rebellion, from the very first stock car racing till today.

The autograph master

 Much of Richard Petty’s life has been defined by autographs. Twenty-five years after he last drove a race car, he still signs his name hundreds of times a week. Using an admittedly unscientific formula, Richard Petty Motorsports team officials estimate he has signed his name for fans more than 2 million times since those early on-track days.

His appearances often are basically two-hour autograph sessions, with attendees thrilled to go home with a photo, a diecast car or a duck – yes, he has signed a duck – with the King’s signature.