Heritage EV: Aston Martin’s electric conversion for classics

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Add Aston Martin to the growing list of companies using nostalgia to sell customers on the idea of an electric vehicle future. The British automaker announced this week that it’s starting a ‘Heritage EV’ program where owners of classic Aston Martins can have their cars converted to an all-electric powertrain.

It consists of an entirely self-contained electric motor unit that uses the original engine and gearbox mounts from the classic Aston being converted to electric power. To show off this powertrain, Aston Martin’s classic-car Works division converted the 1970 DB6 Vantage Volante you see here to be fully electric.

Ripping out the 4.2-liter325-hp straight-six from an original DB6 Vantage would ordinarily be a shame, but Aston’s been clever here. By using the original engine and transmission mounts, the Heritage EV powertrain is totally removable.

If you want to swap back the original engine and five-speed manual, you can without too much trouble. The only other piece of hardware added with this conversion is a small screen to control the electric motor, which is hidden in the interior.

Conversion work will be performed by Aston Martin Works, the company’s in-house arm dedicated to restoring, selling and maintaining past models produced by the automaker. These bookable sessions will be led by Aston Martin’s team of professional drivers, giving Waldorf Astoria guests an expertly curated opportunity to explore the performance, craftsmanship and driving sensation delivered by Aston Martin.

Aston’s whole idea behind this is to give its vintage cars second lease on life in places where local governments clamp down on the use of internal-combustion cars. What an idea!