Turning a jet into this awesome street legal limo

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A show-stopping Learjet limo has been unveiled, featuring a fully-custom design that has transformed a former plane into a nightclub on wheels. The one-of-a-kind vehicle, which cost more than $1 million (£760.000) to construct and can transport up to eight passengers, uses four 28-inch wheels attached to a wingless Learjet fuselage.

It is now available to anybody prepared to pay $5 million for the contraption. Before it was debuted in 2018, the 28-metre (42ft)-long Limo-Jet was in the making for 12 years.

The plane upon which this limousine is based is a Lear Jet. Though it soars no more, it roars because it’s loaded to the gills with audio gear. Guests will find a 4.500-watt stereo system that can likely replicate the noise once created by the jet engines.

Or, they can just immerse themselves in an audio-visual experience by watching a show on one of the five onboard televisions. The cabin is loaded with lights, and it has enough seating for a frat house party. Everyone enters and exits through a single side door.

The driver sits in the single seat up front to pilot this rig. A steering wheel and pedals replace the yoke that an actual pilot might expect to find there.

All total, the project involved between 60 and 100 people to bring the Limo-Jet to life. Power comes from a standard GM Vortec V8, and though it’s not a speed demon, it’s more than enough to keep the Limo Jet hopping.


The company is looking for sponsors to bring the Limo-Jet to special events. There’s also talk of building more now that they know the process better, with a range of powertrains available including electric power.

As for cost? We don’t know exactly the specific number but it’s in the seven-figure range. Given the quality of the build, not to mention the sheer outrageousness of it all, we suspect it’s certainly worth it.