This is literally the Ferrari of speedboats

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Established in 1842 on Lake Iseo in Italy, Riva has been yachting’s bastion of excellence since its fruition. Named after its founder, Pietro Riva, the company was started following a titanic storm that destroyed the boats of local fishermen.

The craftsman took it upon himself to repair the majority of the wreckage. Riva has since been known for its unparalleled style and personality, so it was inevitable that the boat maker would come to collaborate with the likes of fellow Italian Ferrari, resulting in the ultra-rare Riva Ferrari 32.

Designed in 1990 as a collaboration between the Italian carmaker and the boating giants, this Formula 1 styled speedboat isn’t actually as rare as you might think, with 30 hulls built in total.

The number 32 represents its length, in feet, allowing the watercraft a seamless synthesis of luxury and speed: a spacious sleeping cabin is located below bow, while twin 390 horsepower V-8s rest abaft. Ready at any moment to propel their accompanying vessel across the open water, the Vulcano 400 engines are designed to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 mph) without missing a beat.

Consistent with the racing-style engines is the F1-inspired hull –finished in Ferrari’s flagship Rosso Corsa – as is the carbon fibre spoiler aloft. Combined with the extended transom, these parts were all well ahead of their time at the boat’s year of production, 1990, and are exemplary of Ferrari’s indisputable elegance and Riva’s innovative sophistication.