Supercar makers record sales: Lambo, Porsche & McLaren

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2018 was a great year for supercar automakers PorscheLamborghini and McLaren. They all delivered many more amazing vehicles last year than ever before.

The feat is particularly notable as the overall new-car market begins to plateau, and consumer confidence, even in once-booming China, begins to wane. Yet, North America and Asia continue to be the largest markets for the most luxurious cars and supercars.

The Lambo method

If your car company needs a nice boost, do what Lamborghini did. Adding an SUV to your lineup is a recipe for success. While the arrival of the Urus was certainly a statement to the world, their press release highlights improvements to each model. Starting with the most impressive data, eight consecutive years of growth have culminated in a 51% sales increase.

The home of the Raging Bull sold 3.815 cars in 2017 and 5.750 last year. This was facilitated by doubling the factory size to create a new assembly line for the Super SUV. The Urus attributed to 1.761 of those sales, certainly impressive for a new model. While they sell cars in 50 countries, the USA remains their most significant market by a long shot.

Porsche worldwide power

 Porsche delivered 256.255 vehicles worldwide in 2018, more than ever before. This represents a growth of 4% compared to the existing record figures of the preceding year.

Of the model series, the Panamera recorded the strongest percentage growth with a 38% increase to 38.443 deliveries. The Macan was still the most successful model by volume with 86.031 vehicles, just ahead of the Cayenne with 71.458 deliveries.

McLaren is growing!

The British supercar maker saw sales jump a whopping 49.3 percent over 2017 figures. McLaren confirmed North America remains its largest market after a stellar sales performance in 2018. Sales at McLaren have now grown for 8-straight years.

Around the world, the company also added two new countries it does business in: Latvia and Poland. New retail locations also opened in Washington state and Michigan in the U.S. In Europe, sales increased 44.2 percent; in the U.K. it was 49.2 percent; and in China the sales surged 122.5 percent. Total, McLaren sold 4.806 cars globally.