Whole Vanquish Zagato collection going to one owner

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Before Aston Martin retires the Vanquish and replaces it with the new DBS Superleggera, the company’s doing one last run of special editions with Zagato. An entire family of them, in fact, and we’d count ourselves supremely fortunate for the chance to drive any one of them.

But one customer from Scotland named Dylan hasn’t just bought one. He’s bought one of each of the four versions offered. In the same configuration. And he sent his friend, the YouTube video host known as Mr. JWW, down to the factory in Gaydon to capture them all on film before they’re delivered.

Each car has been specced in exactly the same way, with a Lava Red paint adorned with various gold exterior accents. The interior configurations are also the same and combine black and red leather.

The Zagato models are mechanically identical to any Vanquish S you could buy new. However, they look very different. All four have custom bodywork and share largely the same front and rear fascias. The principal difference between the models are the body styles. Vanquish Zagato Coupe is the most traditional, and it has been joined by the VolanteSpeedster, and Shooting Brake.

Aston Martin produced just 99 units each of the Coupe, Volante, and Shooting Brake. The firm built just 28 examples of the Speedster. One of them are exclusive; buy four on a row suppose to have a great capital, but also to be a great customer for Aston Martin. The new owner of this quartet has plenty of exciting driving ahead with these Aston Martin Zagatos in the garage.