Meet the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible

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In the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about Aston Martin and Lancia new toys, but now is Bentley who focuses our attention. This is the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Revealed this week, a year after the production of the GT Coupé, it is the marque’s pinnacle luxurious open-top grand tourer.

The Continental GT is a hugely important product for Bentley for the original model shook the traditional luxury auto world when it was first introduced 15 years ago. The 2019 Continental GT Convertible continues the design theme introduced with the Coupé sibling, refining some of the more dramatic and bold elements of the original 2003 model.

The new Continental GT Convertible is a 626bhp664lb ft car that can do 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 207mph, for heaven’s sake. That’s supercar speed, from a two-tonne-plus luxury GT.

As you’d expect, the Conti GT Convertible is mechanically very similar to the hard-top. Same W12 engine with cylinder-deactivation (and therefore outrageous performance figures), eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, 48-volt control system (that all-but eliminates body-roll), and variable all-wheel drive.

Since we’re looking at the inside, let’s gander at that 12.3-inch screen, which can rotate to show what appears to be just an extensions of the dashboard, or it can rotate to show three analog dials – a chronometer, a compass, and a thermometer.

Bentley says its new “Z-fold” roof system is an improvement in terms of packaging and noise. In fact, the company says that this mechanism, along with various sound deadening and sealing measures, makes the car’s interior as quiet as that of the last-gen Continental GT Coupe. All the better for listening to your favorite Giggs tape, I guess.